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"There is such richness in the world around us: birds and animals, layers of color and texture, a sense of vastness, and a transcendent feeling of serenity when surrounded by nature’s beauty. How to convey any of that in paint is the challenge that confronts an artist. Drawing and painting parts of that world is an incredible source of joy.
I experiment with tools, colors and methods, frequently working from photographs in the studio, but also painting with friends outdoors, dealing with heat, wind, racing shadows, bugs, and occasionally rain. You must push yourself to paint a scene fast, before the light changes altogether. 
Most often I do oil painting, and work almost exclusively with a palette knife for a few reasons: there’s less to carry when working in the field; using a knife keeps me from getting too picky which results in a fresher look;  I hate cleaning brushes. 
My fear is that much of the wild beauty I knew as a child is disappearing, so I do what I can to slow the loss by giving ten percent of my income from the sale of paintings to Defenders of Wildlife and Natural Resources Defense Council."
Susan Woodward has been drawing and painting, off and on, for most of her life. She studied art at Colby College in Waterville, ME, Meredith College in Raleigh, NC, The Drawing Studio in Tucson, AZ, and workshops in oil and pastel with Greg Kreutz, Lois Griffel, Ann Templeton, Phil Starke, Kitty Wallis, Dawn Emerson, Lee McVey, Richard McKinley, Doug Dawson, and Matt Smith.
Susan grew up in the Pacific Northwest and summered for seven years at her great aunt’s ranch on land which is now part of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. After raising two sons and spending 23 years as a Realtor in Massachusetts and North Carolina, [...]

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