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Susan Stoddart resides in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. Though she has fun exploring a variety of mediums her favorites are oils and watercolors.  
Susan's subjects vary from landscapes to still life arrangements to rustic barns and buildings. She is primarily  a plein air painter in nice weather and focuses on studio landscapes and still life arrangements when the weather is poor.  Sue spends a lot of time drawing and sketching and it is often what she does to wind down at the end of the day.
When choosing a landscape subject, Susan looks for intriguing shapes, lines, light or patterns. Often the subject will simply present itself in all its natural glory.  One of her purposes for  landscapes is to interpret and present a tiny aspect of the world for others to enjoy.
Susan's still lifes are frequently inspired by a meaningful object or heirlooms. These paintings always tell a story or have a message. Often the fruits in her work  represent the fullness of life and the bones/antlers death. However, each of us bring our own life experiences and world view with us when looking at art. You may find a different story than the artist intended.
Sharing Susan's life are three  adult children, two dogs, an abundance of cats (mostly her grand kittens) and a beautiful ball python named Buttercup.  When not painting, Susan enjoys spending time with her kids,  gardening, learning the cello and shopping for more art supplies. 
Susan formerly painted under the name of Sasso. Some works still reflect that name.

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