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               Susan L. Stevens 2017 Institute of Art Chicago
I have been painting since 1994. My painting career began with Contemporary Realism, working with acrylic and oil pastels for the first 10 years, then in 2004 switching to oil painting exclusively. I managed to achieve a successful painting career with 16 gallery representing my flora work and  2 major public art projects in 2003 and 2004 for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I took a 5 year break from her work doing a limited amount of production to 3-4 commissions per year.
 I didn't feel compelled by the work I was producing and didn't like my results any more. Rarely did I even complete a piece. I just quit. After a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, my spirt for paint woke up. As my passion for painting returned I still struggled to get where I wanted to be. So I spent 10 days with nationally known artist Mark Carder in his Austin Texas studio. He changed everything. I will always be so very grateful for his kindness and patience he showed me and not just to get back on track, but better than I thought possible.  
I now apply the Carder Method to my work. I use a limited pallet, and continually strive towards the beauty of realism. My love of the ocean and the beach is were my heart is and my brush leads me. I continually find myself drawn to seascapes that contain grays and blues that nature so perfectly creates. I continually strive for an accurate realistic depiction of the beauty that surrounds the ocean. My goals is to preserve the fleeting moment in a realistic oil painting.
I feel strongly about Ocean and Reef Ecology, which I try to reflect in my work. My hopes [...]

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