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I often describe myself as a gardener recreating in paint the magic I feel when in the presence of flowers, critters and nature. I enjoy painting memories, visions and whimsy. My favorite medium is oil paint.

I paint on wood panels using bristle brushes, painting knives, turpentine and varnish. This style enables my paintings to be felt through touch as much as from sight. Many of my paintings of textural garden scenes often include animals. They are not always obvious, but rather as in nature; in plain sight, but hidden.
I have worked in several mediums over the years. But once I started painting in oils, I felt at home. I have been drawn to the arts all my life. I began selling my art at various art shows, shops and galleries in 1989.

 'Echinacea' on the cover of Colorado Central Magazine for June, 2015.
You can view my paintings by appointment, at an outdoor art festival, or visit my  website: SpohnStudio.com. 

Visit the Events link on this website to view my upcoming art show schedule. New events are added monthly. Or will be once art festivals are again allowed.

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