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I like to absorb and reflect the beauty that God sets before us with my art. 


  At age 5, I was melting crayons in beautiful designs on an old iron radiator in my room and began to imagine elephants and images in cracks in ceilings, tiles, and everything. Drawing and painting became my love and I have ever since been both blessed and challenged by a deep need to make art and images whenever I can. 
My family and friends nurtured my love of art.  As a child,  I was enriched by my parents' artist friends, a great appreciation and love of art, places of beauty, classes at the Evanston Art Center, art supplies,  inspiration, art fairs, great music and symphonies,  art discussions, and art museums. I won awards and sold paintings since early grade school. 
 In high school, we moved in the middle of my sophomore year.    When I tried to register for the painting class I was told it was too crowded, but, seeing the devastation in my eyes the head of the art department at Evanston High School asked, "Well, are you any good?  I replied with a confident, "Yes". He said, "Well then you can sit on the garbage can."
He ended up giving me my own studio senior year and the highest honor of the art department, a $1000 scholarship, which was a lot in those days.
 The scholarship helped me to attend the The Cleveland Institute of Art, which after the riots and burnings in the late 60's was a formidable place for a 17 year old.  Although I learned how to do beautiful calligraphy and learned human anatomy for artists and learned the traditional basics of watercolor there, I went home to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
 The SAIC  then shut down in the middle of the next semester by protestors to become a silkscreen factory for anti-war posters. Dadaism prevailed and I [...]

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