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I have always loved to paint and draw. As a ten-year-old who spent hours drawing the horses I longed to ride, I was truly fortunate that my artist grandmother noticed what I was doing and took me to her watercolor classes. I cherish the memory of  painting watercolors with Grandma and her teacher, Mrs. Corey, on summer days while munching sweet cherries.  The paintings we made together, along with Mrs. Corey's watercolor of peonies and Grandma's china painting, have honored places in my home today.
I took painting and art classes all through high school and got my BFA in Painting from the University of Connecticut. After college, I was co-director of a creative arts teen summer camp in Maine, where a local Maine contractor and I did a number of construction projects together on the campus. I became enchanted with the process of making buildings and eventually earned a Masters of Architecture at Yale. While I practiced architecture, worked in academic facilities, and became a mom, my painting was mostly relegated to vacations and holidays.
I was living in Vermont when I signed up for a pastel workshop with Robert Carsten (to my then-surprise, a nationally-known pastel painter and teacher!) which turned out to be nothing less than an artistic awakening for me. I discovered MY medium in the intense color, luscious mark-making, and tactile application of brilliant pigment to paper that are the hallmarks of soft pastel. (Thanks, Robert!) I have since studied with Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Terri Ford, Alain Picard, Karen Blackwood, and others.
Since then, I have been dedicated to painting the landscape in pastel en plein air - French for "in the fresh air." Painting is also an integral expression of my Buddhist meditation practice. I have always loved the magical dance that happens out in the natural world between [...]

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