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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.susannjarvis.com

  • Year Born: 1955

  • I like to find beauty in common objects like a carton of eggs or a cookie then paint their story.

  • Sometimes I block in an underpainting with paper towels in a non-linear fashion.

  • I love to laugh, eat avocado-tomato sandwiches - and of course to PAINT!

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $7,200.00

The Artist Says:

"I love to paint images of common still life objects that have some personal connection to me. I enjoy painting them in a huge format paying attention to every little detail. Usually there is a story or a bit of flare in the title of the piece."  

Other Artists Say:

"Susan's work is technically solid. Her values are spot on and she utilizes great lighting in her paintings!  Her ability to analyze and observe art principles make her teaching powerful.  Her students love her!"
Lucia Heffernan



ARTIST STATEMENTSetting up a still life or figurative work is a favorite challenge for me. Sometimes, I paint quickly capturing the essence of a subject all in one session using bold and chunky strokes while other times my approach is more thoughtful allowing me to closely examine my subject and paint every tiny detail. How do I choose what to paint?
Some subjects are intrinsically beautiful such as a shiny metal teapot or a sparkling glass orb others are quite common. I like to paint a view of my subject that is from an unusual angle or paint it larger than life. This is how nondescript objects can become sensational. Each subject must have an emotional appeal or a story connected to it and although my painting style is traditional, this nontraditional view presents a fresh new way of looking at things.
Sometimes I leave small amounts of rough underpainting showing along the edge of my paintings.This creates a feeling of depth or antiquity and helps each painting to feel like ‘one-of-a-kind.’ Color is important to me in expressing the mood of my work. I use bright sunny colors like yellow, orange for cheerfulness and more subtle color such as muted browns and grays for stability and richness. I love creating quiet, restful work that has a playful twist.



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