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Susan Kuznitsky, PSA, NWPS, CPP, PSWC, IAPS MC
I was very lucky that my parents noticed my interest in art all the way back in high school and signed me up at the Village Art School in the suburbs of Chicago where I grew up. The owner and teacher was the late Joe Abbrecia who went on to become a very well-known Western Artist in Kalispell, Montana. There I had a very traditional art education, working in charcoal from plaster casts, then oils, then watercolors. Joe recognized my passion and talent and guided me to the American Academy of Art in Chicago after high school.
Fresh out of art school I worked as a freelance portrait artist for a Chicago chain of department stores. I didn’t know it then but for the next 4 years I got the best ‘on the job’ training that I could get painting 25-minute portraits, all ages, all types!A huge advantage to art school in downtown Chicago was exposure to the amazing Art Institute. I fell in love with the Impressionists and became completely smitten with the pastels of that era. Since there was very little instruction at that time in this medium, I decided to move to Woodstock, New York to study with Master Artist Albert Handell.  It just so happened that Mr. Handell needed a studio assistant. I worked in that capacity for the next two years.
Mr. Handell not only taught me about pastels and oils but also how to teach. He would have me follow him from easel to easel during his workshops. Listening to him answer students’ questions and watching his ‘hands on’ approach continues to influence how I teach to this day. After two years in New York, I opened my own studio in Chicago where I taught workshops and classes. This led [...]

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