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My experience as an interior designer and traveling to different countries around the world informs the impressionistic approach and the unique subject matter of my paintings. The mixture of contrasting colors that I employ in my style of painting effectively creates depth and visual interest to offer the viewer a wholly immersive experience of naive charm and international flair.
The majority of my work depicts colorfully contrasted venues of places I have visited in my travels.The architectural dimensions and memories of these majestic locales are reflected as fanciful stories,extracted from experience and imagination, projected upon the canvas.
For me, every painting speaks a different language. I translate these foreign tongues in vivid color, creating images that impress, delight and evoke joyous emotion for the viewer.
I see my work from a maternal point of view, each painting needs care and development to mature in to the completed piece of art. My desire to create art was born in the various museums around the world that I've visited, from Denmark to Damascus. I have closely observed the work of the masters, analyzed their techniques, use of colors and the subject matters, and married my own desires and aspirations to these elements.
Chagall, Mary Cassatt, and Camille Pissarro bring me inspiration as artists, yet I find the most inspiration in the everyday world.
As a self taught artist, I have held numerous solo exhibitions throughout Texas, Southern California and New York City. My confidence is always strengthened by people who have attended my exhibits or provided feedback on my website.
"Our opening last night was a great success. It's been a pleasure to hear the feedback from artists and art lovers about your work. I find your work to be very charming. The color contrast and brushwork evoke a very playful feel. I particularly like your use of dimension. [...]

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