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The Artist Says:

I find painting to be a form of meditation that directs my entire focus towards color and form.

Collectors Say:

Susan has great ability. Her art is simply beautiful as well as being colorful.  She is a master of color.  Her art is so original that everyone comments on its beauty and uniqueness when they see her art.


I have been studying art for 25 years.  I am also a Psychologist.  I find painting extremely therapeutic.  I think of nothing else while painting, it is meditation.... focus on your painting and all else floats away.
My high school art teacher put my work in the window but pulled me out of class for chewing gum.  She was a treat.
I took workshops and college classes over the years.  In 1993 I began taking classes at the Laguna College of the Arts with Roger Armstrong.  I continued painting with him for seventeen years.  He was not only talented in every medium, he was the best of teachers.  I never once heard him say a negative word to any student.
Roger loved to speak of "happy accidents", beautiful effects that happen unexpectedly.
My Happy Accident:
Last year I fell and broke my right hand and sprained my right wrist.  I couldn't paint, I was miserable until I discovered a way to paint with my left hand.  I started painting abstracts.  I found myself drawn completely to Acrylic, mixed medium.  Soon I was adding gold leaf, crushed semi-precious stones and crystals.  I occasionally painted oval panels for a different perspective.  This is the best work that I have ever done. I decided that I would show my work after all these years.  It seems that I had a happy accident.

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