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Born and raised in NYC, Susan attended Hunter College, City University of New York.  She graduated in 1969 with a degree in Fine Arts.  While she painted throughout her term in college, Susan set painting aside to become a teacher and then to focus on raising a family of two—a boy and a girl both of whom have inherited her artistic sensibility.  Once they became self-sufficient, Susan launched and operated her own successful business in which she was able to leverage her artistic talent to personalize gift items sold as part of a line of gift baskets that catered to corporate executives and others.  Susan’s Basket Broker enterprise was featured in an article that appeared in the Journal of Business New Jersey.  She later entered the field of finance and investment when she joined Moody’s Investors Service where she became a Manager of Issuer Relations.  Susan retired from Moody’s in 2015 and started to paint almost immediately thereafter, drawn to painting portraits which was the favorite subject of her artist father Leon.  Susan is now totally immersed in painting, dedicating three-to-four days a week to this endeavor.

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