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I love the automatic painting and 'found-symbols' which often appear in my paintings. Sometimes I answer back by emphasizing these discoveries. It's likely one can always find hearts in my work... my assurances that I had a good time painting the piece. How good I feel when my eyes and hands travel along making strokes and little dancing details of brilliant color. My wish is for these interchanges of soul and stroke to inspire and bless you to your own happy thoughts about the extraordinary, ordinary little things in your life. 
 Color, stroke and symbol have always dominated my work. For years I focused primarily as a colorist and painted mostly landscapes. Then several years ago, in the process of deconstructing the elements of Art & Design for one of my seventeen years running, “Pastel Basics” classes, I became conscious of my keen appreciation for the element of line. As I allowed myself a free flow of doodles, supraliminal symbols and playful calligraphy I felt with trembling the power of my true artist self. Flowers twined themselves with hearts and cows sprouted colorful fluzy tails! My wild thumbnail sketches began inspiring abstract paintings. Heart symbols began to appear on their own, as if from a deeper part of me, one interacting and revealing itself. 
After photographing a walk through the bare alder trees near my home, and an accidental manipulation of a new computer program, I stumbled upon the inspiration for another series. I called it my Linear Series because of the predominance of straight lines. Much more masculine than my past works, this linear series explored the boundaries of line while engaging a continued inspiration of heart-felt intuition and color. By limiting my repertoire of strokes and concentrating on placement, I feel myself responding more and more deeply to each choice, in a meditative way, as if [...]

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