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Susan Gay Fraley
Like many artists, Susan opted for practicality over passion when it was time to join the working world.  After graduating college with a degree in business, she spent the first part of her professional life building a successful business with her husband in the pet industry.  It was a natural fit for Susan, who grew up in a small Ohio farm community where she spent hours studying the behavior of the animals she and her brothers raised for 4-H projects.
Susan drew on these roots when she launched her second career as a professional artist. Initially, her work focused on commissioned portraits of dogs, cats and the occasional duck. It’s hard to beat the joy in her clients’ faces upon seeing their pets’ personalities captured on canvas. 
Her journey continued as Susan began studies in plein air and landscape and figurative abstract painting. Today, Susan’s work builds on the foundation established through her exploration of these varied genres. 
Susan is humbled by her recent successes with paintings created on a commissioned basis. “It is rewarding and gratifying to be asked to create a special painting for a specific location in someone’s home.” 
~They (abstract paintings) look fabulous as expected!!! JR
~Thank you, thank you so much for my beautiful oil of my BFF, Ginger. VS
~The painting looks beautiful. Wow, you are so talented! KD
~They just arrived! Love love love so much!! SB
~I no longer call you a budding artist, you are an artist! Mom

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