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Every artist has been given a gift, the ability to see an occasional glimpse of the beauty that originates in God, the sole creator of all things. Susan works to interpret and convey that moment of beauty to others. When she begins to paint, she starts with a prayer for inspiration and then a petition for the technical expertise to execute that vision. When she finishes, she signs it INJ or in the name of Jesus.
Careful observation and tactile skills were requirements of Sue Flanagan's profession as a physical therapist and now in her second career as a pastel artist. Susan has a Master of Health Science degree in physical therapy and worked as a physical therapist for 30 years. In 2000, she studied oil painting with John Tylk who also introduced her to pastel painting.
Soft pastels quickly became her passion and she began to concentrate on pastel painting in 2002. She has attended many workshops by gifted pastel artists including Gary Wick, Bill Hosner, Albert Handell, Jim Markle, Larry Blovits, Robert Hoffman, Richard McKinley, Sally Strand, Paul Murray, Marla Bagetta, Lorenzo Chavez, and Aaron Schuerr.
Susan states she has a split personality in art because she continues to paint in many mediums and styles. She loves to experiment and has been challenging herself to use, oil, oil pastels, acrylics, collage, and any combination.  Although most of her work is representational, she does enjoy creating abstracts.
Almost any subject can be inspirational but Sue gravitates to the landscape and regularly paints en plein air. She paints outdoors throughout the year in the southern Chicago suburbs and in Michigan. Sue states, "Painting outdoors is an intense experience that becomes a vivid memory." Therefore, her paintings are vivid memories to her and to her collectors. Susan loves to capture dramatic light and beautiful [...]

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