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The Artist Says:

It's all about emotion, movement and sparkles.


Born in Carmel, California, Susan experimented with various forms of art with her artistic grandparents.  During her long working career in the cruise industry, she was fascinated not only by the restless sea, but by the cultural differences she observed throughout her travels.  
One day her life dramatically changed, and she began creating art to fill the void, directing her love of fashion, art, the ocean and movement into her signature red booted sculptures and later her abstract paintings.
From an early age, her mother’s love of red boots and shoes, naturally progressed to Susan’s love of them also.  With each sculpture she crafts, each painting she creates, she honors both her mother and her grandparents.
Ranging from whimsical, serious, fun-loving, sexy or determined, her sculptures and paintings will inspire you, make you smile and maybe dream just a little larger. 
Each completed piece has its own unique story, and is ready to be part of your life.  Susan now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and her own yoga dog.  Her art is currently available online and at various galleries and events.
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