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As an architect, shaping buildings and working with three-dimensional space in ways that are aesthetically pleasing has greatly influenced my sense of shaping space as a painter on a two-dimensional surface.  I try to draw the viewer, as I would in architectural design, through both vast and intimate spaces, small to large, large to small, and toward light or into darkness, to create for the viewer a dynamic experience on canvas. Where does the light take you and what is the relationship of scale - can you feel it? What is the dimension of your experience in a big sky or a small garden scene?
We bring our passions into our art, as I do, engaging my love for travel - time spent hiking, camping and kayaking in my work. With an impressionist feel I transpose this depth of space and texture of the plant world to my landscape painting. Emotions experienced outdoors I call to mind, express them in my art, and hope to convey the wild beauty of mountains, rivers, seashores, forest landscapes to my audience.
Studio Artist: 2010 to present
Affordable Housing Developer at Women’s Development Corporation,  Founder, Vice-president then President 1979 – 2015
Professional Memberships:
Providence Art Club -- Exhibiting Artist member
Wickford Art Association, Juried Artist Member
Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, Signature Artist Member
Pastel Society of America Juried Associate Member
Art League RI Elected Artist Member 
BS in Architecture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1975
Professional Licenses:
Architect, State of New York 1983
Art Studies:
Studied art with Cindy Baron, ASW, OPA; Jeanne Sturim, PSA; Liz Haywood Sullivan, PSA; Barbara Jaenicke, OPA, AIS, PSA, IAPS/EP;  Michelle Poirier Mozzone, PSA; Jacob Aquiar, PSA; Maggie Siner, MFA; Wendy Artin, MFA; Scott Conary, MFA; Kathleen Speranza, MFA; Jeanne Rosier Smith, PSA, IAPS;  Jennifer McChristian; Jill Carver, Matt Smith, Sam Allerton Green, Bill Lane, Nick Paciorek, [...]

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