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As far back as she can remember, Sue has always loved to dabble with crayons and paints.  Her father, a reasonably adept amateur, always encouraged her.  Both were quite proud when, at the age of 5, she won first prize for “Butterflies”  at her father’s advertising firm’s annual art show.  She took lessons at the Cleveland Museum of Art and continued to dabble until she reached high school and college.  Then other interests took over.
After her children were grown, Sue got a second degree in horticulture and opened a landscape design business.  Once again the artistic itch began to surface.  She found an adult art class that truly brought inspiration and both the right and left side of her brain began to work together.
A new phase of life began in 2001 when she and her husband moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and she discovered the Scottsdale Artists’ School.  It was there that she found the opportunity to hone her skills under the tutelage of many nationally know instructors.  She claims that her mentors taught her how see.  “They taught me how to see that some days the light is lemon yellow outside, or the highlight on a vase is not white, or the rosiness in an ear or fingertip.  They taught me how to see beauty in everyday things.  I thank them for opening up an endless journey of discovery.”

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