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"Tell all the truth but tell it slant". A poem by Emily Dickinson speaks of letting life reveal itself in parts – in "circuits". As an artist I know not all the truth but I can reveal parts by revisiting themes and offer to the viewer a little of life in an image that does not reveal their truths too immediately.
My painting and sculpture are an expression of my interpreting the world – both the physical and psychological. Interiors, especially chairs and the figure, are recurring themes.  The interiors are my own spaces, those of friends, or ones I piece together using photo shop. 
Chairs have been part of my imagery for decades, since art college. They have appeared alone in the Australian landscape or dwarfed by the high ceilings of Victorian-era rooms in the soft light of New Zealand. Interiors are like portraits of people in that they can reveal, indirectly, something of the life that inhabits them.
Living between Australia and New Zealand, country and city, I have been most interested in how the light can be used to influence depth and composition, and in what the image and colour can reveal about the interior and where it might take you.
I use oils, acrylic gauche, and particularly like to use pure pigment mixed with mediums, usually on canvas or linen. 

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