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Years ago now, Kirsten taught and coordinated individual art projects as well as school wide art shows in conjunction with the Art Literacy Program in the local elementary school.  She worked with many of those same children to produce gorgeous decorations for the Lake Oswego Daffodil Festival for many years.  Some of her fondest memories are from when she was a junior leader and counselor at 4-H camp as well as becoming a leader in many other subject areas within the program.  She conducted culturally centered  "Kirsten's Kamps" for the City of Lake Oswego's Parks and Recreation Department at Luscher Farm and has always spent time admiring and making art as well as encouraging children in art exploration. 
After graduating from Willamette University in Art History, she never dreamed that such a fulfilling art adventure lie ahead.   She started Studio 84 Fine Art School in 2008.  It has morphed from exploration in multiple mediums into her favorite of all, painting with oils.  Teaching her amazing students every session is both invigorating and inspiring which she loves!  No two days or groups of students are alike.  Same goes for the subject matter.  Each student is either working on a masterpiece, or any number of other subjects depending on the session.  She does not make everyone paint the same painting.  Everyone brings their images that inspire them and she takes them from there.  She always has art news to share, inspired by what her students are working on and is especially excited if she can connect the news to one of her students' projects.  She is always offering ideas for her students to consider implementing into their works based on their current level of expertise. The paintings the children produce are astounding really, all due to her students' patience, willingness [...]

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