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The quaintness and uniqueness of this gallery is definitely one not to miss! Located on Church Street just south of the corner of Market Street. Horse drawn carriages go by hourly taking you on a tour of the French Quarter District and all the historical sites. 
Studio 151 Fine Arts Gallery is comprised of local Carolina artists offering artistic impressions in fine art and jewelry. 
 Featuring the artwork of Colleen Wiessmann, Rosie Phillips, Bob Graham, Amelia Whaley, Dixie Dugan, Nancy Davidson, Sandy Scott, Jennifer Koach, Debra Paysinger, Christine Crosby, Lu Bentley, Detta Zimmerman, Nancy Rushing and Meredith Paysinger Hart as well as Lissa Block and Jean Norman as jewelers offering unique and one of a kind wearable art!
STUDIO 151 FINE ARTS GALLERY                    Mon - Thurs 10-6

175 Church St                                                            Fri - Sat 10-8, Sun 10-5



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