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I was born in Chicago and raised in Southern California. When I was 7 my mother introduced me to ceramic painting at the local park. At age 9 she arranged tutoring in oil painting by a professional artist. This was an eye opening experience for me. After 2 years of oil painting instruction, I went on to drawing and painting in other media. In junior high school I decided to become a doctor, and I did not paint at all during high school, college and graduate school, but focused instead on the sciences. I graduated from Occidental College with a BA in biology and went on to medical school at UCSF. During some of the busiest years of my life as an intern and resident in surgery, I began to paint in acrylics for relaxation. I painted on and off in acrylics over the years and finally in the year 2000, I resumed painting in oils.
I have studied with a number of California artists, taking studio painting classes and workshops from Donna Reine Taylor, Camille LaPoint Lyons, Sherrill Miller, and Christin Coy.  In 2007 I started painting outdoors. My progress accelerated when I began taking workshops in plein air painting from noted California artists Tim Horn, Libby Tolley and Ken Auster.
Today, I still practice surgery and teach medical students. However I now have time to paint regularly both outdoors and in my art studio, which I designed and built myself. My many years of surgical practice have instilled in me a strong sense of discipline and attention to detail. I am interested in portraying on the canvas images that I experience in my daily life. In particular, I am attracted to buildings and other man-made objects and how they relate to people and to nature. My primary medium today is oil [...]

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