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Like most painters who are serious and passionate about their work, I paint what personally fascinates me. Most often that is a landscape, seascape, or city scape. Many landscape painters say their goal is to evoke the same emotions in their viewers as they themselves felt when experiencing the scenes before them. I doubt that’s possible. Instead, my goal is to ignite the viewer’s own emotions in response to my painting. When that happens, the subject matter is simply what brought us together.
I consider myself a painterly realist, meaning that I try to be faithful to visual reality while making it clear through vigorous brushwork, lively color, and disregard of precise detail that what you’re looking at is a painting, not a photograph. In my wilder moments I can get downright impressionistic.
When I paint, I forget everything else, including when to break for lunch or keep an appointment. When I am in the proverbial zone, painting is easy, and every stroke seems foreordained. But when I am not in the zone, painting can be difficult and frequently frustrating. Friends often think it must be fun to be a painter. That’s not how I experience it. When it’s going well, it’s far more profound than mere fun; when it’s not, it’s not fun at all. In either event, painting is always deeply fulfilling.
I paint because I can’t imagine not painting. It is at once a form of meditation and an utter, complete personal engagement with life. Aside from the love and comfort of family and friends, nothing else makes me feel so whole or so completely connected to the world.
Solo Exhibitions

Bellevue Library, WA 2012Valdi’s Ballard Bistro, Seattle, WA 2000
Kirkland Gallery, Kirkland, WA, 2001
Kaewyn Gallery, Bothell, WA, 2004
Winters House, Bellevue, WA, 2011
Tsuga Gallery, Bothell, WA 2017
Selected Shows and Awards
Bold Brush Painting Competition Finalist [...]

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