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        In the early years of my life I found a natural inclination to draw. Being able to lay ideas on paper through the line drawing led to experimentation with color. My artistic pursuits were developing through oil painting and I was drawn toward realistic and representational. Then a subtle reality of life emerged and making ends meet became the working platform. A career in carpentry became my new art expression.
        Years flew past and retiring from carpentry and furniture making gave me time to explore an old interest. Having painted 40 years prior didn't seem to have much benefit when I tried to revisit the canvas surface. I reconstructed a broken French easel purchased at a thrift store, made some panels, and began to experiment with the accompanying oil colors. Painfully embarrassing at first I muddled through to begin to find ways to improve. The resurgence of Plein Air painting inspired me to connect with the beautiful landscapes that surround me where I live.
        You-tube tutorials  gave way to workshops and the embarrassment gave way to self imposed challenges to find a personal expression of the incredible environment I find myself in.
        The connection with the scenic landscape here in the Pacific Northwest is thoroughly amazing. Engaging with it has became a passion. This has helped me identify some of the challenges of developing an image that portrays the experience, what is alluring in the scene. Giving the viewer a glimpse into a segment of time at a captivating location. The time of day, the conditions of the setting, with hopefully enough information to make one pause and be drawn in....the shared experience. 
        The local art scene here in Humboldt County on the northern California coast is replete with talented artists of all disciplines. I have been fortunate [...]

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