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The best way to describe my work is to say that I paint in abstraction....  I always have.


 Artist, Steven Long's vibrant use of color has been a constant over the span of his career.  He, like every artist, seeks to develop a unique individualism and style, blending emotion with his chosen medium.  Steven's love of abstract and bold color has transitioned from his early years of watercolor on paper to today's works on canvas as well as his four-sided free standing pylon / sculptures.  Painting earlier in life, as a hobby has evolved into a lifelong emotional passion, an adventure expressed by bright color and fueled by a desire to experiment with other mediums.  Long views each piece as a gift, stimulating the viewer to bring his or her own emotional responses to his work into play.
Long's love of art began at an early age, nurtured by his mother who was a source of encouragement and direction.  Growing up in rural Central Ohio, his link to the outside art world came in art magazines.  Perusing these pages was both inspirational and directional.  Long states "It was at this time that I recognized my love was for color and the abstract."  It was also during these formative years that his love of music and art flourished.  To this day he paints while listening to music and claims that it both inspires and aids in keeping the outside world out of the studio.
Long's art work can be found in many public and private collections across the United States.
Group Exhibit  "Art At The Airport" - Exhibit of works at the Ontario International Airport
GroupShow  "A Night At The Museum" - Ontario Museum of Art - Ontario, CA
Group Show  "Imagine" CCMA Member's Exhibit - Ontario, CA    * Artwork selected as "Purchase Prize."
Group Show   "Off The Wall" - Riverside Art Museum - Riverside, CA
Group Show   "Arts Festival" - Creative Arts Group [...]

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