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  Steve's artistic interest was first revealed in the early 70's , after obtaining his degree in Architectural Drafting.  He then married and raised two kids for the next 25 years.  His interest in the art's never wavered,  bringing him to seek out and visit major museums across the U.S. and europe.   
  Studying the Great Masters brought Steve the realization of the beauty of art and design that was so evident in their work. Unable to pursue his art on a full time basis, lead him to search out every opportunity to paint when time would permit.  He was able to join other Artists on a weekly drawing, painting, and sculpting sessions.   Steve was able to retire in the spring of 2015, and had his first one man show in Hayden Idaho.
   The exhibit included a painting that he had been working on (when time would allow) for over 10 years.  It is a panorama of Yosemite National Park,  measuring 78" x 251" .  Unveiling this painting and 25 others , was a stunning example of the his persistence to begin a full time art career. 
   The influence of artists from Rennissance painter,Giotto to contemporary artist,Ridell shine forth in the subjects and style present in Steve's work today. 

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