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A photographer since the sixties, Steve Immel is an exponent of classic black and white photography as practiced by the mid-century masters. He offers particular recognition to Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Margaret Bourke-White and especially Wynn Bullock from whose work he has learned so much.
He practices the medium with emphasis on graceful composition and views each frame as a discreet design project with the objectives of elegance, balance, and precision.  He hopes to reveal the beauty of the subject, however ordinary or simple.  In both the wet and digital darkrooms Immel is recognized as a master printer whose images display rare tonal range, luminosity, and acuity. He always composes in the viewfinder and prints full frame.
With the advent of the first high resolution DSLR in 2002, Immel traded large format film for high definition digital.  Liberated from the heft and pace of a view camera, he shoots more abundantly and explores a myriad of fresh perspectives. Among his portfolios are the seminal Sketches of Winter , The Edge of What's Left and  the Fog Series.  He is best known for landscapes of the desiccated reaches of the American West where only traces of man’s presence remain.
Immel has displayed his work in dozens of exhibitions across the US, in Canada and Europe. On two occasions he has been awarded the Masters Cup for excellence in color photography though he is best known for his toned black and white images. He has been recognized in Black and White magazine’s Singular Image completion and twice Best of Photography in the Museum of the Southwest’s Annual Juried Show.  His series Telling Stories is a regular feature in the bimonthly online magazine Shadow and Light.

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