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Self-Portrait / The Pandemic - 2020.12.08
16" x 12" - Oil on Raymar Oil-Primed Linen Panel
-  Steve Fountain  -
I have been painting in oils since the 1990s with a growing commitment of time and energy over the years. Since early in my training and developmental as an artist, I have been fortunate to study painting with exceptionally talented and insightful artists who welcomed me to the local community of artists, shared their knowledge, and offered me encouragement.  I feel that every work of art I undertake is a novel challenge and has the potential to lead me toward unanticipated discoveries.  Art, like science, involves exploration and creation with the goal of fresh insight.  I don't know where this intellectual and creative endeavor is leading or what, if anything meaningful, I am building, but I am committed to this journey and I enjoy the wonderful company I share.  
For many years I made time for my development as an artist around a career as a scientist and professor at Kent State University, but oil painting grows in importance in my life year by year.  I am grateful for the artists' organizations listed below and the remarkably supportive artists I have met through them - so many of whom have inspired me and have also become special friends over the years.  They all continue to play a crucial role in my development as an artist, as an intellectual explorer, and as a humanist.
Akron Society of Artists, Associate Member
          Board Member (2017 - 2019) Cuyahoga Valley Art Center (CVAC)  
Ohio Plein Air Society 


October 2017 Artist of the Month
Akron Woman's City Club Gallery 732, Akron, OH


Judith Carducci, "Likeness: A Portrait Workshop," 3-day drawing workshop, January 2020
          -  Challenging & Inspiring!  www.judithcarducci.com


James Kroner, 2-week plein air workshop in Italy, August 2019

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