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      I have been painting for thirty years.  I am almost entirely self-taught and I learned it the old fashion way -  lots of hard work and hours, days, weeks and years with a brush in my hand.  Paint, paint, paint.  That is my advice to new painters.  If you wait until you are inspired you will never get going. 
      I was born and raised in Florida and have lived here all my life.  It is a beautiful place, but it is a place that has significantly changed during my lifetime.   One of the reasons I paint mostly landscapes is to capture the vanishing beauty of this place.  I like it when people see my paintings and say:  "Now this is the real Florida."
      I have another job, so I'm not a full-time artist. (At least right now).  In my real job I have deadlines, anxious people, and stupid questions.  When I paint - without conscious intent - they come out calm and peaceful.   I think that is the other side of my brain quietly insisting on calmness.  Painting is my therapy. 
      I try to keep it simple.  But there has to be some complexity in the simplicity.  It has to be visually interesting.   I'm also concerned with the poetry of the place or thing.  I'm not going to tell you everything.  You have to join in the process.   That's it.  My name is Steve, and I am a painter.   Thanks for looking.

I have an old blog  that I posted on regularly when I had more time.   You can check it out here: http://steveandrewsart.blogspot.com/

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