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Steve was born and raised in Philadelphia where he started painting at an early age. After graduating from Carnegie-Mellon University he pursued business opportunities in international banking and finance. In 1995 he made the decision to leave behind a successful career of over 25 years in order to realize his dream to become an artist. 
While living in Atlanta Georgia, Steve had the good fortune to meet Wen Ze Chen, a master artist and art professor from China. For a number of years he studied and painted with Wen and took numerous classes and workshops with artists including Jove Wang and Ken Auster. 
 Countless days spent painting en plein air in both town and countryside have helped the artist develop a special sensitivity to both nature and the simple beauty of life's mundane happenings. His works, which cover a wide variety of subject matter, are all built on the solid foundation of a strong composition. They are filled with light and touched with the vibrancy of everyday life.
Steve has lived and worked abroad in Argentina and Peru and has spent the past 19 years living and painting in Mexico. He has also traveled widely in Europe and other Latin American countries. The artist's sense of discovery and adventure, as well as his foreign cultural experiences, are reflected in his choice of subjects and the exuberance of his works. In the future, the artist plans to spend more of his time in his studio working on larger pieces that draw on material from his extensive travels.

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