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The only thing I know for sure is I love to paint.


I love to paint and am always painting, even when I donít have a brush in my hand, I canít get away from it, it's that simple. When Iím in my studio and run out of ideas I know itís time to get out and do some Plein Air painting; then the subjects just appear.My mission is to show beauty in the ordinary, to allow the viewer to experience an image they see every day in a new way. I gravitate to ordinary structures or roadside junk, rusty and for sale. I see the hard edge contrasts these everyday objects convey, and try to portray that in the hues and shadows of my paintings. There is joy in this old stuff, and I try to capture this feeling.I am always looking to create an atmosphere in my work. I believe color can stand alone to convey a mood in a piece of work. I like to explore an image by playing with the many warm and cool tones. Texturing the canvases enhances the temperament and aura of my work. This is what drives me to paint. I like to let the paint tell the story.

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