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Stephen F. Pelesky(Steve) grew up in the naturally rich and diverse region of Western Pennsylvania with its magnificant river valleys, the hills with old growth hardwood and pine as well as the occasional pond and meadow which provide habitat for abundant flora and fauna there. For Steve, there was no lack of inspiration even within the big city limits of Pittsburgh.

      Though raising a family, managing a full time business and then persuing a career in nursing had temporarily drawn Steve away from painting, his desire to create has never been stronger than now. Through the seventies and the eighties Steve was prolific under the tutelage of his Uncle and mentor Tomas Gmitter, a self made artist in his own rite. Without ever having had a formal lesson in fine art, Steve sat down at an easel at his Uncle's house in 1976 and painted with the ease of an expert. He now uses acrylics and egg tempera as well as oils for media. Though oils are his preferred medium, Steve appreciates the liberty and convenience that acrylics provide the artist for creating. Steve has also done well at the craft of carving.

   The beautiful prairie state of Illinois is now where Steve calls home. Having relocated for his son to play hockey there at a higher level, Steve is grateful for the chance to absorb the natural beauty elsewhere after the passing of his Uncle and mentor in January, 2007. With the picturesque prairies of Illinois and the deep memories of his home in Pennsylvania, Steve has a plethora of subject matter for his art, particularly the bird life from each region, the subject closest to his heart.     Though each work that he does is almost always a greater challenge than expected, " Every one is like a relationship, you must accept the imperfections and things [...]

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