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I look forward to the challenge and process of painting. My ultimate satisfaction comes when I have taken a blank canvas and created a work of art. I have, in a small way, transformed the world. This, in part, is why I paint.


Stephen Filmus was born in New York City into an artistic family. His father, Tully Filmus, was a renowned artist and his mother, Gladys, was a dancer and musician. They, along with his brother and fellow artist, Michael, contributed to Stephen's love of the arts and his appreciation of the life of an artist.
After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh and Columbia University, Filmus attended the Art Student's League in New York where he continued his art study. In addition to his more formal education, Stephen was profoundly influenced by his father and teacher, Tully Filmus.
Stephen Filmus' work is in numerous collections and he has exhibited widely in many solo and group shows including David Findlay Jr., Fine Art in New York, the Berkshire Museum and the Norman Rockwell Museum. He has been the subject of articles in "Arts Magazine" and "American Artist Magazine". Filmus has been chairman of the Massachusetts Cultural Councils in Pittsfield and Great Barrington and has been a judge for many local and regional art shows. He is listed in "Who's Who in American Art".
Landscape and Still-Life are my subjects. Both appeal to me. Each presents its own challenge and in the process, inform and enrich each other.

Landscape - Inspiration comes from my affinity for nature and the realist tradition of landscape painting. The hills, rivers, forests and changing seasons of the Berkshires are my subject. I venture into my surroundings and explore the possiblities.
Nature does not present a picture, so it must be translated into a pattern of shapes, color and light. As I work on site and apply paint to canvas, I constantly evaluate the landscape. I simplify, dramatize and compose the various graphic elements in order to capture the essence of the scene.

Still-Life -My still-life paintings contain ordinary objects that have been carefully [...]

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