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In 1990 I saw a photo of a stone fountain in an advertisement for a gallery in Santa Fe. I went to the gallery and found the fountains there enchanting, but they were out of my reach financially. I decided at the time that I could make one of those, and shortly after that, I began exploring working in stone. Aside from a continuing education class that consisted of six sessions, I am self-taught. Soon I was making fountains similar to the ones I saw in the magazine. It likely would have been less costly to purchase one than to buy all the tools and materials, but then I would only have had that one fountain, and now not only did I have one, but several, and the tools and know-how to make more. I continued exploring creating in stone, and aside from the globe-shaped fountains and slate containers the fountains were on I primarily kept the work abstract, seeing if I could build on the forms I saw in the stone, without imposing some idea of mine. The exception to this was when for a time after the classes I made bears using different stones, marble, limestone, alabaster, and soapstone. 
The human form always fascinated me, seeing in the varieties of shapes the beauty that has attracted artists for millennia. When I retired from the practice of psychology in 2010, I decided I would see if I could approximate the human anatomy, and decided I would first make a form I could work within, from the back or the “negative” space. So I obtained a mannequin and made a concrete mold with it, and then had the “negative” space to work within. The first expressions were crude and were shaped from aluminum foil. They were very fragile and not [...]

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