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A joyous ambassador for the natural beauty found outdoors, Stephanie West is frequently found capturing the breathtaking scenery of New Mexico. With clever command of visual acuity, she forever preserves fleeting moments for generations to enjoy.
Her artistic keenness goes beyond painted media. Stephanie owns Go West Design a multi-media marketing firm. It is a design company helping clients bring their business visions into reality. Be it a niche market or highly competitive industry Stephanie knows how to craft an effective and memorable message for any business. Her consulting and marketing services always prove to increase gainful traffic. Organized in thought, energized by interaction with others, and motivated by results, Stephanie is a dependable ally whose intuitive judgements become an invaluable component to her client’s success. 
Currently Stephanie is the Communications Director for the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico. Stephanie taps into an ability developed from childhood translating colors and perspectives of any vista stretched before her into artwork worthy of appreciation anywhere. An intense joy for teaching is revealed to those around her in need of guidance. In art classes she demystifies the utensils of the artist’s toolbox, boosting the confidence, excitement, and joy within her students.
She is an expert in building websites for artists on FASO and Wordpress for other industries.
When you spot her outdoors, you are invited to join the conversation, celebrating nature and the land of enchantment.

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