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Hi there!
I’m glad you stopped by.
My name is Stephanie Spay.  My passion for painting may have started way back when I was four years old with a Crayola and a drawing of Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  I still can feel the drag of the wax on the paper as I watched Charlie take shape before me.  It was joy.   It was surely magic, and it came out of me!  I discovered I could make pictures of things that made me feel happy.  I drew a lot of things that made me feel happy back then.  I drew my family, my basset hound, my parrot, care bears, and unicorns, rainbows, and bubble letters.  I discovered one day that my pictures made other people feel happy, too.  My parents, my grandmothers, and my sisters received many drawings that I drew for them, because I wanted to make them to feel as happy as I did when I made them.  
As I grew, and I discovered that my heart could break, that I could feel shame and humiliation, unloved, and unsafe, instead of putting my pencil down and weeping, I drew.  I drew darkness and doubt, sadness and tears.  I explored the feelings that I couldn’t put my voice to, through the end of my pencil.  My drawings were for healing not happiness, for me and not for them.
“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” 
– Georgia O’Keeffe 
I carried my love for creating with me to college where I focused my studio work on painting, and collected a whole lot of those magic moments like the one with Charlie, except this time, it was with oil paint and canvas.  One minute I was peaked to launch my brush across the studio in frustration and defeat, and the next I was exhilarated as [...]

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