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  • Price Range: $200.00 - $5,000.00
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  The artwork of Stephanie K. Johnson invites viewers to experience the glow and mystery of the old masters.  A native of Washington, Stephanie was surrounded by majestic landscapes that helped cultivate her initial desires to create. Stephanie recalls: “When I was young, I spent a lot of time coloring and drawing mountains and trees. My mother said she knew early on that I would be an artist because of my constant experimentation with color.” Stephanie’s parents made a special effort to expose her to quality art instruction. Many local artists were an integral part of her education.    
 People started collecting Stephanie’s work when she was very young. She sold her first original painting at the Redmond Saturday Market at the tender age of eleven. At twelve she entered her first gallery; Artisans on Taylor in Port Townsend, WA; and by fourteen she had incorporated her own business.    
Stephanie painting at Le Casacce, Italy circa 2004 Photo Credit: Beth MacLaren
   In her early teen years, she went on a trip to Italy with a group led by one of her teachers, Teresa Saia. It was an adventure that became one of her main artistic influences. She was deeply moved by the classical art in the museums, the richness of the culture and the landscapes she encountered. Stephanie returned to the states forever changed and is still inspired by the beautiful Italian scenery.“San Gimignano” 16”x20” Oil on Board

   Stephanie originally worked in watercolor, and then her inspiration to transition to oils came from her first visit to a Hudson River School exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum. “I will never forget seeing ‘Vale at St Thomas, Jamaica’ by Frederic Church. It was in that painting I saw a kindred spirit, and I said to my family ‘This is the kind of art that I [...]

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