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Stephanie's painting process is a balance between developing skills and developing inner sensitivity. Starting with ideas of what she wants to express, she develops those ideas by giving attention to what she's drawn to, recurring images, feelings, words, etc. Her work includes oil, watercolor and mixed media. 
Stephanie's solo show at NYC's Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor features some of the oil and watercolor paintings from her Elicit Justice series that focuses on the range of elements needed to obtain societal justice.
Stephanie holds a B.A. in Studio Art and Political Science from the College of Charleston, a J.D. from New York Law School, and a Diploma in Arts Profession Law and Ethics from London's Institute of Art and Law.  She has studied under classical figurative oil painters from the New York Academy of Art, Studio Incamminati, Academy of Art College, McCormack Studios, and the New York Art Students League. 
She has exhibited throughout the United States and is a contributing writer with New York’s Center for Art Law and London's Institute of Art and Law. Her article Confessions of an Artist and a Lawyer discusses her experience balancing the practice of law and painting.
Stephanie is also the host of the Warfare of Art and Law podcast that discusses a range of art law issues from restitution to artists' rights.


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