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Art is like breathing...an essential part of life


Paintbrushes and tiny tubes of paint in hand, Stede began her lifelong affair with oil painting as a child along the dramatic coast of Maine. As a young adult, she fell in love with the Land of Enchantment and lived for years in Georgia O’Keeffe’s rich Abiquiu landscape.
 Completing her doctorate in 2018 with a treatise on art and soul, she continues to paint not only the landscapes she loves, but the essence and feelings they evoke. Stede is a certified Soul Art Guide and fine artist working in oils.
Seeing with heart and soul is the foundation of my work. My inspiration may be a flower, mountainous clouds piling up over the horizon, long shadows across tall grasses. But it's about more, including the hush in the air, the sun about to set, and life shifting gears into day or night. I paint the mystery behind the moment.
Picasso said that art washes the dust of daily life from our souls; this is my experience. I sense power, beauty and essence all around me as I paint.

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