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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
~Albert Einstein
Susan draws much of her inspiration for her oil paintings from studying the beauty
of the natural world, both at home, just outside of Washington DC, and through
her travels. An ardent lover of water and of animals, her most recent works hone in
more specifically on these subjects.
Starting out with a degree in psychology, Susan went on to study visual 
communications and then worked as an advertising art director for over a decade. 
Driven by a deep respect for craft, working alongside gifted photographers had
a profound influence on her, which led to her own study and practice of the medium.
In 2008, wanting to disconnect from technology, Susan enrolled in a painting class,
and she's been painting ever since. Out of the desire to develop a solid foundation in
drawing and painting from life, she completed a master artist painting program at
The Compass Atelier in 2017. To create her paintings, she now finds joy in drawing upon
all of the forms of creative expression that have inspired her artistic journey so far.
In addition to using the contact link on this site, you can also connect with Susan on
Instagram at sshalowitz, or on Facebook at Shalowitz Fine Art.

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