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I'm a self-taught artist born and raised in India and currently residing in Norway. Ever since my childhood I have taken a deep interest to draw and paint. My journey as an artist began with participation is school and local competitions, winning awards which encouraged me to stay in touch with drawing and painting. Being a self-taught artist, I have not followed any style, but I believe in constantly evolving with every artwork I do. I currently focus on watercolors while I also paint small oils as affordable art.
I began my semi-professional art journey in the year 2015 and chose acrylics as the medium and focusing on 'Landscape' and 'Figurative' subjects on large canvas. But I quickly fell in love with Watercolors in 2016 inspired by watercolor masters works focusing on painting cityscapes and people. As part of my full time job, I traveled the Europe extensively and thus started my 'Streets of Europe'  and 'Seascapes and beaches' series painting in an impressionist style.  My inspiration for figurative subjects comes from people quietly going about their daily chores which is depicted in my 'Streets of India' and 'Figurative' series
I started experimenting with Oils in 2018 with a short still life series I did from own photographs. The 'Still Life' series consists of small sized paintings as part of my affordable art series. I have always had a liking to paint farms and fields inspired by the serene and beautiful landscape of Norway and thus started painting a small sized ‘Plein air’ landscape series.
“As a visual artist, I want everyone to experience the journey I took through the same streets I walked, meet the people I came across, and see the nature that inspire me and my art. Everything I see around me in my daily life inspires and fuels my passion. [...]

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