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I am a self-taught artist based in Batumi, Georgia. I graduated with a degree in Mathematics and worked as a researcher, but my lifelong passion for painting took over - eventually, I quit the job to pursue a serious career in art. 
I explore mathematical relationships between colours and forms, using these insights for the expression of subjective feelings in the way that would be understandable to everyone. I experiment with the techniques of classical realism, breaking the canons of genres. 
“The art of solitude” is the best description for my works. 
I have come to accept the fact that someday I will die. But I cannot acquiesce in the possibility of all my memories and feelings passing away. My art strives to grant immortality to the moments I lived through by telling these stories to people, playing with symbols and trying to capture sounds, smells and personal memories. It can be a flower one looked at once in love, or a landscape where one walked thinking about the future. The key is to make one feel present in that moment and live through it. My goal seems paradoxical, yet it feels real - I want to render subjectivity objective by discovering the laws of the magic of human perception. And to overcome the eternal solitude by finally finding a way to communicate the deepest and most intricate meanings we all have locked somewhere in our hearts.

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