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I am a professional photographer in South Carolina; specializing in lighthouse, maritime, wildlife, urban photography. I have been published in many national books and magazines, and am the publisher and co-publisher of numerous posters. I have led a number of tours for the Smithsonian Institution and produced multimedia slides shows for them and others.
I was an exhibitor at the prestigious Easton Waterfowl Festival in Maryland for 21 years, and have shown at as many as 15-20 art shows or festivals per year as well. My emphasis has always to create photographic art which collectors would want to hang, resell or publish. It all starts with a good image and evolves from there.

I make use of the newest marketing techniques to promote my craft and have a keen eye both behind the camera, at the computer and in the gallery. I serve corporate, wholesale and retail accounts utilizing the internet, attending local regional shows, and serving publishers nation wide.

Photography has come a long way and it is no longer your father’s “Brownie.” One of the most fortunate tools of our digital age is the gift to judge and re-adjust immediately to the light which nature provides. After all photography has been called painting with light. The realism of the natural world does not necessarily reject the impractical or the visionary. Our practical work can often be expressed as realistic in the abstract. To me it begins with the image and ends with the final presentation, often times uniquely different than the original. I look for the light, the unique, the abstract, the different and at times, the quirky. At all times seeking the answer to the question —— “What do my customers want to hang on their walls and put in print?”

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