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 Calling the Arbuckle Mountain area of Southern Oklahoma home, Skip Thompson has been a painter for over 30 years and states: "I am often in awe of the colors in an Oklahoma sunset.  I love to watch light, filtering through a tree or a window, literally penetrating an object in it's path.  I suppose these are some of the reasons I first picked up a paint brush, but there are a million and one reasons why I continue to paint.  I can't imagine my life without art....It is my SOUL FOOD.  Art nourishes my soul.  Skip has studied with many fine artists and friends..............among those are: Richard Goetz, Ann Templeton, Xiang Zhang, Carolyn Anderson, Gay Faulkenberry, Kim English, Kaye Franklin,  Katherine Stats, Daniel Gerhartz, Greg Beecham and others.Skip paints primarily in oil on canvas covered hardwood panels, but occasionally uses different techniques and approaches. Skip belongs to several area art clubs, Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Oklahoma Lady Artists,  Outdoor Painters Society and Oklahoma Art Guild. 
Skip's work can be found in galleries and shows across Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.  Our Favorite Place is a "Made in Oklahoma" gallery which features Skip's art along with other Oklahoma artist as well as "Made in Oklahoma" products.  This gallery is located at 127 N. Main, Eufaula, Oklahoma.  Skip can sometimes be found doing a demo or teaching a workshop at this location. Her work is also displayed at her local art gallery...........Artists of the Arbuckles in Sulphur, Oklahoma

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