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Rustic Elegance in Wood is two brothers who love to transform raw wood into useful, interesting and artistic representations of the beauty in nature. Lowell turns on the wood lathe making piles of wood shavings. Lowell starts with a chunk of wood, many times not knowing what will evolve as the chips begin to fly. Grain, color, texture and shape will help determine whether the chunk of wood is an art piece or a functional item. There is nothing quite like being covered in wood shavings and watching in wonder; as a shape transpires. Even after a quarter of a century, he is still amazed at the beauty hidden in a branch, burl or even a chunk of firewood.
Joe conspires with the bandsaw to produce jewels in a box. Joe's imagination and love of nature allows him to see many shapes and transform them in to a an heirloom or keepsake. His years of tinkering and inventing many gadgets and helpful tools allow him to envision the endless possibilities that are locked in a piece of wood. Both brothers have an eye for the beauty of natures bounty. Both have a passion to share their love of wood and it's endless rays of sunshine and beauty. 
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