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Since early Childhood I always loved ‘creating’.
After moving from Germany to Canada in 2000, I started painting in watercolours and now in various other mediums as well.
My paintings in bold colours are inspired by the fresh ingredients used in our restaurant ‘Europa’; my land and seascapes feature the stunning natural beauty and architecture of the Maritimes.
For me, painting has been an incredible journey discovering a new dimension of the grandness of God’s creation.
An inner fire makes me long to paint; this fire frees my spirit and feeds my mind. the second I put my brush on canvas or paper my thoughts seem to calm down, as if to focus and make sense ‘of it all’. This process often results in vibrant, bold colour applications. When I apply pigment- strokes of vibrant juicy and rich colours- a painting takes shape and I feel that inner glow - brilliant, beaming, glorious, joyful radiance. I forget about time and space, it is like meditating and letting your mind ‘float away’. Once I finish a painting I feel mostly tired, but happily  ‘empty’ as my emotions, my fire  and energy got transferred onto the canvas leaving me refreshed to soak in anew what life has to offer for me.
My approach is very simplified and focused by only using the three primary colours. However, the best available artist’s paints make it a joy to create a limitless number of different shades, values and colours. I enjoy painting from life. Often when I paint outside, ‘en plein air’, I try to capture the moment, the light, the sound and the smell of the air as if to take the viewer with me to the place, but still leave enough room for their own interpretation. I often paint one shape at a time, finishing one shape before [...]

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