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Sigríður Huld Ingvarsdóttir originates from the northern part of Iceland, where she grew up on a sheep farm. Her work is highly influenced by her past, the Icelandic nature, the myths, the Icelandic horse, sheep and many birds.
For the past years she has focused on painting portraits, horses and other animals. Her artwork portrays strong women using the Icelandic landscape, animals and the Nordic cold light and solitude, to create a mythical environment.
She graduated from Akureyri School of Visual Arts in 2011 and a year later moved to Sweden to study painting and drawing from life at The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, which was previously located in Stockholm but is now in Simrishamn. She graduated in 2015 and has since lived and worked in Uppsala, Sweden. She has been part of many group exhibitions as well as solo-exhibitions, in Iceland and Sweden and is a member of SIM The Association of Icelandic Artists and Kro Swedish Artists‘ Association.
Artist Statement
In my work I use classical methods to create realistic images of animals, nature and people, in bigger composition, still lifes and portraits. Last year, I focused on my origin by creating work related to the light experienced close to the arctic circle and on creating portraits of animals. My work has a nostalgic feel to it. I want the viewer to see something beautiful and be transported, in spirit, to the past.
I work mainly with oils on canvas, charcoal and chalk on paper and with watercolor. I have spent a long-time training to get my technical skills to the level where I can freely convey my visions on to the canvas. Immersing myself in that type of training did somewhat dampen my creative mind. After graduation from The Swedish Academy of Realist Art it has taken me time to get out [...]

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