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I have been fascinated from early childhood with creativity.  My Mother and Grandmothers encouraged me to pursue whatever I wanted to make….and to explore nature on our many fishing and hunting trips.  
I was born and raised in rural southern Wyoming in the Little Snake River Valley and was never at a loss for inspiration.  Even though there were no art classes in our little school, I felt the curiosity and need to try different mediums and learn about artists and their techniques.  As an adult I moved to southern California, and for the next twenty years spent all my money on art classes and supplies.  I moved to Colorado in 1989 to pursue my art.  My husband , Richard Galusha, and I started the Wild Horse Gallery in 1998.
I have traveled extensively on painting trips around the world and love foreign landscapes and cultures.  Today, I find myself most inspired by the natural world that surrounds me every day at my home in Historic Hahns Peak Village, CO.
I am one of the original founders of the Steamboat Art Museum and was its Curator for the first ten years.  One of my dreams for the Museum was to bring fine art to our community and to introduce our rural visitors to living master artists.  How great would it have been to watch Sargent or Zorn do a demo or sit down to dinner and have a conversation with them?  The Museum has become a destination landmark in Steamboat Springs and I am so happy to see it flourish and fulfill our vision.


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