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I live and paint in Edmonds, Washington.  I was fortunate to discover watercolor shortly before retirement.  With regular lessons and occasional workshops with master painters visiting the area, I’ve come a long way since my introduction to painting (of any sort) in 2012. In this online era, I continue my studies with regional and national artist-teachers. 
I am a member of the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and Seattle Co-Arts. 
Watercolor is a medium that will engage me for the rest of my life. Why?  Watching this paint move and change when it is wet is pure magic and not always predictable.  Almost any watercolor painting is created in multiple layers, building depth and color with each one.  There are so many ways to create with this paint; more are being found each year.  Watercolor has transformed from  the style of earlier watercolorists such as JMW Turner. One can now learn from the very best teachers and paint wildly different styles - realistic, abstract, soft and loose, moody, strong and bright - endlessly on and on.  I am most alive when I am learning, and in using watercolor I am on a compelling, fascinating journey to find my own style and expressions.  
Please Note:
Some images are framed, some not.  The price of each reflects that fact.  For images that have been sold, limited edition prints are available, un-matted and unframed for seventy five dollars.  These are wonderful prints and are nearly indistinguishable from the originals. 
All works herein are copyright and require my written permission to be used in any way at all.  
Thank you for your interest and please be in touch if you would like to buy one of my paintings.  

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