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Sherry uses an ancient painting technique that dates back to the 5th century BC. The Greeks called it Enkaustikos, meaning to heat or to burn in. They used wax for caulking and painting on warships. The Romans preferred this style of painting for portraitures. Encaustic paint is made using refined beeswax, Damar resin and colored pigment powders. These items are combined and heated to a molten state, then applied to the substrate by brush.  Vintage papers, textiles and salvaged found objects are often used within Sherry’s art work. This embedding creates both mystery and meaning that draws the viewer eyes in for a closer look. She uses encaustics to exploring nature, the environment, cultural issues and other subjects that touch a personal note.
Sherry lives in Norfolk, Virginia and has been in many local and regional juried shows. She has won several monitory awards and ribbons for her art forms. She was awarded “Distinction in Sculpture” in Virginia Artist 2018, by the prestigious juror Seth Feman of the Chrysler Museum.  Sherry has attended several encaustic workshops at R&F in Kingston, New York.  She has attended the Visual Art Center of Richmond with instructor Lynda Ray. Sherry continues to experiment and push the boundaries while developing her own unique visual style.

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