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I am a self taught artist and have lived in the Annapolis Valley for most of my life. I have always dabbled with art. My first real endeavour into painting was in the mid 80’s at Acadia University. This is where I realized art and creativity is what interested me the most. After 2 years at Acadia, I moved on to Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI, and enrolled in their Graphic Arts program. With the help of instructor and PEI artist, Nigel Roe, I was able to experience many different avenues of expression from creating serigraphs to illustrations to portraits and logo design. As life moved on, I ended up putting my artwork and creativity on hold until about ten years ago. At that point I decided to renew my interest and take a more serious approach. I’ve tried working in different mediums, but my favourite, by far, is watercolours. I’ve found that it is a challenging medium but the effects of light and transparency that watercolour provides can be amazing!! I've had the opportunity in  the last couple of years to study this medium under the direction of Nova Scotia artist Poppy Balser as well as the world renown Alvaro Castagnet of Uruguay. My subjects of choice are local scenes that are familiar to Nova Scotians, and also wildlife. I enjoy the challenge of giving my wildlife subjects a lifelike appearance. I consider myself to be a “work in progress” and I hope that you will join me on my journey.

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